• In depth teachings will be given on Mahayana Zen Buddhism and Chi-Kung (QiGong) techniques and principles
  • Learn how to do absorption of cosmic energy for self healing
  • Learn how to do absorption and imparting Chi (Qi) energy at ease
  • Learn how to meditate on the Greatness of Virtue and Blessing of Self-Nature
  • Learn how to harmonize our mind, body, and spirit (MBS)
  • Learn about the sublime teachings of Mahayana Zengong
  • Anyone can do it. It’s also free. And much more


Mahayana Zengong is a Buddhist School of teaching, a non-profit religious organization internationally propagated by Grandmaster Shan-Fo. It is a traditional lineage which includes the complete methods to heal Mind, Body and Spirit for ourself and for others. The profound teaching allows us to develop our innate wisdom and human potential while working towards full spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime.