Homage to the Buddha and Masters

Unifying the Body and Mind

Emptiness is Form.

Shaking-Off the Sense Faculties and Sense Objects

Constantly Turning the Wheel of the Dharma

Expelling the Four Elements

Standing on the Earth and Reaching for the Sky

Transcending the Three Realms Sideways

Standing Upright and Walking Briskly

Subduing the Dragon and Tiger

Shaking the Sky and the Earth

Smiling Frequently and Exercise the Mouth

Extending and Exercising the Lotus Tongue

Smelling the Fragrance of Dharma

Pervading the Celestial Hearing

Wisdom Eye Gazing into Space and Emptiness

Unifying the Ying and Yang in Samadhi

Dissolving the Six Realms with Power

Walking in the Four Directions

Practicing Tolerance and Generosity

Directly Transcending the Three Realms

Practicing Asceticism and Diligence

Fully Actualizing the Six Paramitas

Encompassing the Human and Heaven Realms with Singing and Whistling

Teaching Dharma by the Reposing Buddha

Relying on Dharma for Full Enlightenment

Form is Emptiness

Guiding and Benefiting All Sentient Beings

Unifying Wisdom and Virtue

Attaining Perfect Precepts

Perfectly Upholding Esoteric Practices

Unifying the Emptiness and Existence

Fully Realizing All Phenomena

Emanating the Dharmakaya

Radiating the Buddha Light