Mahayana Zengong is a Buddhists school transmitted by Master Miao-Kung. It is systematic and progressing teaching aiming at enlightenment in this lifetime. It comprises traditional Buddhist Zen and Chi-Kung practices resulting in a complete Buddhist teaching of mind-body unification.

It allows one to easily attain realization by a balanced cultivation of Body and Mind. It offers a convenient and progressive Gateway for everyone to practice.

One accomplishes all meritorious acts by perfectly fulfilling virtue and wisdom.

During the turn of the Twentieth Century, the Holy Master Miao-Kong integrated the various Buddhist schools into a holistic system and called it Mahayana Zengong. The teaching provides a balanced cultivation of body and mind and allows one to expediently attain mind awakening and enlightenment. Monk Miao-Kong then transmitted it to the Second Patriarch Yuan-Dao. Master Yuan-Dao lived through the tumultuous time during the Japanese invasion and the civil war. He finally arrived in Taiwan in 1953. Having waited for a few years, Master Yuan-Dao eventually met his heartfelt disciple Shan-Fo. In 1989 Master Yuan-Dao officially handed down the generology of the Buddhayana School to Shan-Fo. Subsequently, Grand Master Shan-Fo started spreading the Mahayana Zengong teaching to the general public. In a few years, he established a total of 18 meditation centers in Taiwan and abroad. More than ten different levels of classes were often simultaneously offered to Centers throughout the world. The teaching has been well received and highly praised by government and the general public.

It is important to point out that the Buddhayana Order is not a new school created outside of Buddhism to be different from others. The main teaching of the Buddhayana Order is in fact based on the Dasabhumi-Sutra (The Chapter of Ten Stages of the Avatamsaka-Sutra), adores Da Zi Zai Wang Fo as the Deity (Satyadevata), and embraces the quintessential teachings of Zen, Tantra, and Pureland Schools into a systematic, progressive Dharma Gateway which allows practitioners to attain the unification and non-duality of mind-body and essence-applications. Based upon the cultivation of right knowledge and right view of Buddhism and through meditation practices, one attains mind awakening and enlightenment and actualizes the dharmakaya. Venerable Monk Miao-Kong, the founder and the First Patriarch of our School, once said: Shakyamuni Buddha already expounded the Buddha-Dharma in its entirety and perfection. Therefore, the teaching of Mahayana Zengong is nothing new but the extraction and integration of the essence and applications out of numerous Dharma Gateways in such a way that it is convenient and easy to practice for people of today.

The Dharma Gateways of Mahayana Zengong can be divided into psychological and physiological aspects:

(1) On the psychological aspect there are eight levels of spiritual development. The main goal is to attain the spirit of Zen both in actions and in quietude in order to achieve deep meditation state, to actualize the dharmakaya, to gain insight into the true reality of all phenomena, and to dedicate the unconditional loving kindness and compassion to all sentient beings.

(2) On the physiological aspect there are nine levels of physiological cultivation. Its main purpose is to cultivate and strengthen Qi (Chi) energy, to open and clear Chi channels of the whole body, to be able to absorb cosmic energy, and to be able to perform Long Distance Remote Healing.

In short, this is a progressive, systematic teaching. In the beginning the dynamic Zen exercises are emphasized, followed by difficult exercises and advanced meditation techniques. Both the moving and sitting meditations are easy to learn and practice. Eventually, one achieves the perfect union between motion and stillness and gains complete freedom without hindrance and obstruction.

The Mahayana Zengong teaching regards the doctrine of Buddhism as the principle, meditation as the Dharma Gateway, and Qi Gong (Chi-Kung) as a complementary means. Furthermore, Zen Master Miao-Kong stressed that it is important to apply Buddhism in worldly matters, in daily life, and in scientific matters, and also to modernize the Buddhist institution. On the one hand, we shall search to interpret and reconcile Buddhism, philosophy, science, technology, and human life science in a harmonious way. On the other hand, we shall implement the Buddhist culture into daily life, work, service, liberal arts and recreation so that people of today’s society can study, understand, and accept the principles of Buddhism and gain benefits from it.

The profound Mahayana Zengong Teaching is the melting pot of Qi Gong practice, mind-body healing, improving health and inner peacefulness, developing human potential, unlocking innate wisdom, attaining realization, and providing social services. In other words, it not only provides instructions on the quintessential teachings of Buddhism that allow us to actualize and attain Buddhahood but also provides practices which are beneficial to our physical and mental well-being that improve our wisdom and virtue. It also preserves moral standards and promotes harmony and peace in our society and the world.

May the Mahayana Zengong teaching allow everyone to Improve their physical and mental health, Unveil their wisdom and develop their potentials, Gain freedom from all suffering, Realize peace and harmony for all, and Bring benefits to the world. May everyone and sentient beings Attain the fruit of Buddhahood.