The quintessence of the Mahayana Zengong consists of ten great qualities and virtues. The Unity of the Ten Greatnesses is inseparable from the unification of the Ten Dharma Realms, the ten great liberations and the Ten Immeasurables. It is beyond description, imagination, duality, and discrimination. All sentient beings inherently embrace and possess the intrinsic Ten Greatnesses. Due to our deluded and ignorant Minds, we could not realize and apply these qualities. As we attain the fruit of Buddhahood we shall spontaneously actualize the Unity of the Ten Greatnesses.

1. The Greatness of the True Nature — The mind and the material world are inseparable. The emptiness and existence are inseparable. The body and mind are inseparable. The true nature of the Mind is the Buddha nature.

2. The Greatness of Appearance — The sameness and difference of all phenomena and appearances of the Form and Formless Realms are unified and is called Oneness. This is because the self and others are inseparable.

3. The Greatness of the Primordial Wisdom — The true nature of the Mind pervades the past, present, and future and is thus omniscient.

4. The Greatness of Virtue — All phenomena and the body and mind are inseparable. Engaging in the emancipation and liberation of sentient beings with love and compassion is the ultimate virtue of Oneness. That is the Way of Bodhisattvas.

5. The Greatness of the Ultimate Truth — The ultimate truth encompasses immeasurable teachings and boundless heart essences and treasures.

6. The Greatness of the Performance — The actualization of the Six Paramitas and constantly turning the Wheel of the Dharma is to liberate sufferings and bring joy to sentient beings. The effort of such performance is ceaseless and timeless.

7. The Greatness of the Energy — The energy of mind, the body, and the universe are all oneness. One is immeasurable. Immeasurable is one. Energy and mass are mutually equivalent. The energy of the mind pervades the Dharmadhatu and is thus omnipotent.

8. The Greatness of the Accomplishing Activities — The accomplishing activities of great compassion can be in aspects of activity, quiet, the imperceivable, and openness. The Dharmadhatu is endless while the numbers of sentient beings are immeasurable and unimaginable. It is necessary to turn the great Wheel of the Dharma since the true nature of mind fully pervades the Ten Directions and the Three Times.

9. The Greatness of Time — To the enlightened beings there is no concept of time such as the past, present, and future (the Three Times). The enlightened ones are always at ease even when the time changes from the short kalpa into the long kalpa, and vice versa. However, for the sentient beings there exists the concept of time because they differentiate changes, measures, and durations.

10. The Greatness of Emptiness — To the enlightened beings there is no difference between singular and plural or big and small since they are all inseparable. However, for the sentient beings they have the solidified concept of shape, size, change, and appearance so that they have the idea of emptiness, existence, and space.