by Myra Luu of Los Angeles


            In January 1992, I got home from a doctor’s office. While I was having lunch I saw an advertisement in a Chinese newspaper about a “Mahayana Zengong remote healing demonstration.” Maybe this was the so-called spiritual connection (“yuan” in Chinese). In the advertisement I found what I had been looking for – a spiritual Path that also allows one to cultivate a harmonized mind-body! That is why I decided to attend the presentation and find out more about Mahayana Zengong.

            I suffered from many ailments, such as allergies, year-round stuffy nose, and insomnia. In addition, I had rheumatoid arthritis all over my hands and feet. I knew very well the daily weather change, even a modest change, better than the Weather Bureau. So, I was in constant severe pain. When a bad headache struck, my head felt as if it were being poked by thousands of sharp needles. Once in a while I had a fainting spell and lost consciousness suddenly. However, the worst nightmare was the excessive discharge during my period. For the past five years, my menses never completely stopped. I sought help from both traditional Chinese and Western doctors. However, no treatment was very helpful. My Western doctors recommended I have my uterus removed. Otherwise, they said, it could eventually lead to uterine cancer or I could die of excessive bleeding. Although the surgeons were well known and had had numerous successful cases, I refused to go through the procedure. Since I am a devoted Buddhist and am also an optimist I always pray to Buddha for support and blessing. So, I was able to put up with the hardships and suffering everyday.

            After reading the advertisement I decided to attend the seminar presentation. Grand Master Shan-Fo blessed the entire audience with light emanation while his disciples performed a one-to-one healing for the interested participants. At that time, brother Wu helped relieve my stuffy nose and shortness of breath. Three minutes later, I was able to breathe comfortably. I thought that was really amazing. The following night, my father and I went to the second seminar presentation. After the presentation was over, I asked my father’s opinion. He replied: “It is a good opportunity. Why don’t you give it a try? Maybe it will be helpful to your physical well-being.” So, I registered for the Beginning Class.

            After Grand Master Shan-Fo went back to Taiwan, I religiously followed the instructions set down by the Masters and did not even miss a single weekly revision session. Three short months later my period returned to normal. As time went on my ailments were gradually relieved and then disappeared. I finally regained my health! My classmates always praised and encouraged me as a truly devoted practitioner of Mahayana Zengong.

            Before I joined Mahayana Zengong, I was always worried and nervous. I hardly had a quiet moment. With the Nine-Syllable-Mantra recitation and meditation practice I was able to remain calm, composed, and with peace of mind. My daily life also becomes orderly. I can think clearly and hence work more effectively now. All these changes are possible because of Mahayana Zengong and my dear compassionate Grand Masters.

            Good health provides a good foundation for true happiness and joy. Therefore, I hope those of you having “yuan” will join me in taking up the Mahayana Zengong practice. Let us work together and bring benefits to all sentient beings. Let the Mahayana Zengong teaching forever propagate and shine forth on Earth.