by George Wen of Vancouver, British Columbia


            I would like to briefly report the benefits obtained from practicing Mahayana Zengong. I met Grand Master Shan-Fo a few years ago at Chun-Shan (Sun Yat-Sen) Auditorium celebrating the Double Tenth National Holiday Ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan. I knew Grand Master was a Zen Master at the time. I casually mentioned to him that I had two kinds of ailments which I wished to get rid of.

            My first ailment was a chronic stomach pain. I felt pains when my stomach or abdomen area was subjected to cold wind or exposed to cold air from air conditioning. It all started about ten years ago when I took a bath and I cleaned out the dirt from my navel with a toothpick. I thought I took the cleanest bath in my life. Since then, I have had this stomach problem. At that time I taught at the National Taiwan University. I used to wrap my tummy and navel with a towel to go to work. My other health problems were that I was overweight and had high blood pressure. Both ailments bothered me for more than a decade.

            After I mentioned these concerns to Grand Master Shan-Fo, he asked me to sit down on a chair and close my eyes. All of a sudden, I had a warm feeling at my tummy. It got hotter and hotter and then spread outwardly. It was like water boiling in a pot. This heat was so intense that I felt I could not stand it any longer. A few minutes later Grand Master told me to see him if I felt uncomfortable again. Strangely enough I have never suffered from tummy pains since then.

            That very day, Grand master also healed my high blood pressure. He utilized a similar technique and placed his right hand on the top of my head for about 5-6 minutes. By chance the following day was my scheduled appointment for a physical check-up. My doctor at the General Veteran Hospital told me that my blood pressure was normal! At that time I was still taking high blood pressure pills. To find out whether Grand Master’s healing worked or not, I purposely skipped taking pills for three consecutive days. I then went to my pharmacist to have blood pressure measured. My blood pressure was still normal as it supposed to be.

            After I returned to Vancouver, Canada, I kept in contact with both Grand Masters and decided to invite them to come to Vancouver to teach the wonderful Mahayana Zengong. Three years later (April 1991), Grand Masters Shan-Fo, Shan-Yin, and their disciples finally visited Vancouver. They held the first public seminar presentation for the Overseas Chinese Community in Vancouver. The local newspaper reported that it was the most crowded gathering of Overseas Chinese since Vancouver established its cityhood 106 years ago. The news reporters took pictures when Grand Master performed light energy emanation to heal the audience. Five of them displayed Buddha light. That was very interesting to many others and myself.

            I personally witnessed with my own eyes the healing done on an old woman who entered the conference room in a wheelchair. She told Grand Master that she could not move her arms and feet for several years. After five minutes treatment the woman was able to gradually raise both of her arms. She was so excited that she burst into tears; so did her folks. There are too many successful healing cases to report to you here.

            Two Canadians came to the hotel to visit their friends. When they saw the big crowd of Chinese packing the conference room in the hotel, they asked the hotel personnel what was going on. They were told that a certain doctor from Taiwan was demonstrating Chinese Kung-Fu and performing healing. They were curious enough to want to see what was really going on. They saw Grand Master Shan-Fo emitting light energy empowerment to the audience. The two Canadians were obviously sensitive to the healing energy. Their bodily Chi energy were evidently activated so that their bodies moved incessantly. At the end of the healing session, in a brief survey, 95% of the audience raised their hands indicating that they felt Chi energy. The two Canadians took the podium to share what they felt about the healing Chi energy. One of them said: “I felt a tingling sensation, warmth, and heat rising from my feet straight upward.” The other person said: “I felt warmth and heat all over my body and a kind of tremor movement. People told me that I was swaying and wavering. I was not aware of it myself although I knew my thoughts were fleeting and wandering about. I also had a sensation of levitation.” Their testimonies raised excited responses from the audience.

            Chi-Kung is a profound yet scientific teaching. It has received worldwide recognition now. I hope every one of you will diligently study, gain insight in the true meaning of Reality, attain Self-Realization and help others to achieve the same goal.