By Gordon Peck (Fa Yun), Sydney, Australia



On the 5th May 2002, Grand Master Shan-Fo conducted a deliverance ceremony in Sydney, for the departed loved ones of members and their friends and also for their own past life departures.

I was sitting there as the ceremony was going on, watching everything with interest and partaking in it, when I noticed out of the corner of my eyes, some rapid movement. When I saw this, I knew that there was something happening. So, I let myself enter into a deeper state of meditation or concentration, and asked to be shown what was around and happening. As I moved into a deeper state of meditation, I saw lots of movement. Looking up onto the stage, I saw Great Beings assembled there to assist.

One of the first things I noticed was the rapid movement around the four sides of the room. Another, that caught my attention at first, was what looked like a large flock of birds or shoal of fish, but the same shaped beings, all going in the same direction at the same time. They moved into the Alter, down to the back of the room on my right hand side (as I was facing the Alter) then up the left hand side of the room, and again up to the Alter, then slowly moving out, and disappearing. I do not know what these beings were. Maybe it is a group soul?

I watched all these beings moving into different areas of the room, with different beings and groups of beings also coming in. The movement was getting faster and faster, and no matter how fast they moved, and the activity moved, the whole thing was done in a very orderly fashion. With all the rapidity, everything was in total order. There were an enormous number of beings and people entering and leaving the area constantly.

Looking upwards towards the Alter, above Grandmaster Shan-Fo, and the other people doing their prostrations, and reading the names for the Delivery Service, I saw the Medicine Buddha, on my right hand side, above the Alter, but, looking as though he was out in space, a long, long, way away. He was beaming down this beautiful blue, Lapis Lazuli, energy.  It was magnificent, and he was sitting there so serenely. I saw other Great Beings there also, including The Great Golden Buddha (Vairocana) Ben Shi. Kuan-Yin was actually superimposed over Grandmaster’s body. It looked magnificent! Grandmaster’s emanation was increased by Kuan-Yin and it radiated wonderfully in all directions. It was very easy to see. I saw many Divine Beings there, with a lot of green and gold energy, and a prolific amount of white energy with gold flecks in it, floating around. It was really beautiful and breath-taking.

I had to finally leave that dimension because the energy on the floor was moving so fast that I was becoming dizzy. So I stopped “looking”. I thanked the beings for showing me that experience, and moved out and back to where I was.

One of our brothers asked me if most of the beings I had seen were Chinese. I could not answer him, as I did not notice. There were people there that I do not see in this world, and other images that I did not understand.

The whole ceremony was wonderful, and the Love and Energy that Grandmaster Shan-Fo gave us was beautiful, and I wish to thank him very much.