By Yittah Lawrence, Sydney, Australia



I had worked at the Mind Body Spirit Festival as a psychic for a few years. I usually have a bit of a glance at the festival booklet in case there is a workshop I may want to attend. Usually there is not. At the turn of the century, i.e., in the year 2000, I found the advertisement for Mahayana Zengong. The advertisement said INVITATION in large capital letters, but I hardly noticed the word. I could not take my eyes off the picture of Grand Master Shan-Fo. I was shaking allover inside and I could not even ring to make inquiries for about a half hour.

The advertisement was yellow and the Chinese letters were in red with a lotus flower and an OK mudra sign in the middle. I sat quietly and meditated. I felt a very strong past life connection to the teaching and to the Grand Master. It is really important to make the point that yes; I know we have many past life connection. But no, I didn’t walk around saying this very often. Slowly I started to read the advertisement. The word “ALL ARE WELCOME” seemed to touch my heart.

Finally I calmed myself enough such that I could ring Marilla whose phone number appeared on the advertisement. She had not put her name. Now I realize that Marilla is not looking for accolades, merely to serve Grand Master and the teaching. Marilla and I had a wonderful talk and I am thrilled to say I have been blessed to make friends with a spiritual Sister who is a woman of high standing and I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the welcoming of myself into this group (in Sydney) by all the older students.

Language is no barrier -Chinese and English students manage very well together. There is a strong sense of community in the group. Around the same time as I discovered Mahayana Zengong I also discovered a lump in my stomach. I have had healings from Grand Master and other Masters. Whilst I have been sensible with my eating, juices, etc., I know that the fact I did not need chemotherapy or any other form of medical intervention has a lot to do with my Chi energy practices and healings.

            I had been involved in meditation practices and teachings for about 18 years before I found Mahayana Zengong. But nothing had been this powerful. I had along the way even learned some of the same meditations and practiced them but without the same results. Recently, when I was sharing this experience with a friend who lives 7 hours away, and who is not involved with our teaching. She explained why I now have such a different experience and I would like to share this explanation. “When you learn a spiritual practice from a truly enlightened Teacher, you receive the gift of Grace as well. But, this can only happen if the teacher is a True Teacher. When you learn techniques only, that is what you get – techniques. Now, you have received the blessing of Grace.”

I give thank to Marilla who serves so humbly. To all my brothers and sisters at our center for their warmth, to all the Masters who have come here from Taiwan, Los Angeles, and Canada to translate, teach and assist, and last but definitely not the least, I give humble thanks to Grand Masters for their presence and their grace.