By Sonia Chemarin, Sydney, Australia


Ten years ago I took ecstasy LSD and mushrooms separately on a few occasions. Then one morning I woke up and everything seemed very dark. The trees looked bizarre and people looked very strange. I ran outside into the paddock and scrammed that someone had done black magic on me. I felt like I was stuck in a bottle and being possessed by bad spirits. I found out later that somebody indeed had done black magic on me.

I had a few healings and medical treatments to get rid of it, but I still was not well. I realized that I never came back. One night I dreamed that I was singing, but a sheet of white light separated me from this world. I woke up next morning feeling completely disconnected from my body and this world. Something has happened to my third eye, like it was forcefully opened, too open. Sometimes I felt my body would disappear and I was dissolving into the universe. I felt like a living dead. I was alive but not here. I lost my identity and did not feel connected to my family anymore. I felt that I was in hell.

When I am around people or touch them I take on their energy and their personality. I feel who they are. I have no protection. I have very bad nerve ringing in my ears. My nervous system and my mind are very confused and damaged.

Although I get better as the years go by, I still experience the above-mentioned symptoms, especially at night. I do not go out at night if possible. I have experienced years of intense fear and anxiety attacks, depression and deep unhappiness, and many times wished that I were dead.

Once I had a Tibetan pulsing done on me for 14 days and all those symptoms worsened. It took me weeks to come back into my body. I joined the Reiki training at one time. When I practiced Reiki it would take me days to come back. Everything would worsen. I feel like my body, mind, and spirit have been separated.

Since taking up the Mahayana Zengong (MZ) practice and receiving the Qi Gong healings and empowerment from Grand Master Shan-Fo I feel a lot better. The bottle, which entrapped me, appeared to vanish. I feel more light, happier, and less fear.

I also have hypoglycemia, low blood sugar levels. I constantly keep a watchful eye on my sugar intakes. After practice Mahayana Zengong for more than half a year the symptom of my hypoglycemia seems not as acute as before. This is the first time that a practice works for me to have positive improvement on my physical and mental health.