by Chuan-Yung Lin of Tainan


            By pure chance, Brother Pei-Hsiun Tzo came to chat with me in my office. We talked about health related issues. I was particularly interested in those topics as they were relevant to the business I am in. I am an importer and exporter of medicine, health foods, and health equipment. He was very knowledgeable in the field, and my company hired him as our health consultant. Later he talked me into attending the Mahayana Zengong seminar presentation. I was impressed with the healing demonstration and signed up for the Therapeutic Chi-Kung Class right there.

            I was very excited at practicing Chi-Kung. Grand Master Shan-Fo personally taught us the Chi-Kung exercises. In a few days’ practice I was able to feel the sensation of Chi energy and its movement in my body. I became enthusiastic about Chi-Kung and meditation practices and wanted to learn more. I was surprised to find out that the swelling and pain in my knees caused by physical exercise mysteriously disappeared in less than two months’ Chi-Kung practice. Today my knees are in excellent condition. I feel like my knees never hurt before. I am totally convinced of the benefits of practicing Chi-Kung and meditation. I selflessly recommend Mahayana Zengong to my relatives and friends and encourage them to learn it.

            As time went on, Grand Master Shan-Yin taught us the philosophy of Buddhism. I then realized that we were living in the modern industrialized society in which the moral standards and environments have deteriorated. Violence is wide spread all over the world. Thus, we should hurry and take up spiritual cultivation. If every one does it to effectively reduce their desire, anger and ignorance, then there will be peace and harmony in every community, every country, and the whole world.

            After participating in Mahayana Zengong for more than three years, my physical and mental condition improved greatly. My mind-body is sound and alert. My attitude toward life becomes ever more positive and optimistic. I believe everyone, Chinese or not, who takes part in the Mahayana Zengong practice, will definitely benefit from it. Mahayana Zengong has established many meditation centers around the world including Canada and the US. I sincerely hope that Mahayana Zengong can be successfully spread to every country and bring peace and benefits with it and that we all attain the fruit of Buddhahood in this life.