by Charlie Kong of Los Angeles


            I have lived in the States for twenty-three years. I am a mechanical engineer. Two years ago, I suffered from an unknown sickness – headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, and chest pains. I became very unsettled, very emotional, and easily lost concentration in my work. I even started questioning the meaning of life.

            Following my doctor’s order I went through a complete physical check-ups including tests of the large intestine, small intestine, stomach, liver, heart and lungs, blood and urine, etc. However, nothing abnormal was found in the tests. My doctor finally concluded that I must be under extreme stress, pressure, and anxiety from my work, my family, society, etcetera. He prescribed anti-depressant pills for me. I found out that taking the medication only produced a temporary relief. As the dosage increased, I could not live a day without the pills. Meanwhile my health continuously went down hill. I lived in that condition for more than a year.

By chance, I saw the Mahayana Zengong advertisement. I was curious about the claims and planned to attend the first seminar presentation. It turned out that I had to take care of chores and could not go. Yet my younger brother went. He is a specialist in acupuncture and massage. My brother told me that it was fantastic. He urged me to attend the second seminar presentation the following day and said I should take the class. I did just that.

            In the very beginning, I was curious and doubtful. Yet, to tell you the truth, I was expecting that some miracles might happen to me. Following Grand Master’s instructions closely, I practiced and reviewed each dynamic Zen exercise every day. I spent time on Zen meditation, too. About a month later, my physical condition improved, my mental outlook became alert, and I felt more energetic. As my confidence in Mahayana Zengong deepened, I practiced more diligently. Up until now, I have practiced for half a year. I feel more energetic all over. The benefits are obvious. I am no longer the same person I used to be half a year ago.

            As I mentioned earlier, I had to take anti-depressant pills in order to function properly. After practicing Mahayana Zengong, everything drastically changed for the better. The required dosage of my medication gradually decreased as weeks went by. And yet, I was able to slowly regain and maintain my vitality, good spirit and sound sleep. For the time being, I do not need the prescribed medicines any more. No more pills! What a relief!

            I now can work as hard as I used to. My health remains in good shape. I have absolutely no doubt about the claims and benefits of taking up the Mahayana Zengong practice. Thank you.