by Madam Yeh-Mann


            Three years ago, I was deeply troubled by unbearable pains from a chronic ailment. I prepared and was ready to go through medical surgery. However, my husband’s good friend, Mr. Yung Tao, a member of the Legislature Yen of Taiwan, recommended that I should pay Grand Master Shan-Fo a visit and give his Chi-Kung (QiGong) healing a try. That was the first time that I learned of the existence of Mahayana Zengong. Grand Master Shan-Fo treated me twice. The pains of my ailment were much relieved although the symptom was not completely uprooted. The improvement was so amazing that I decided not to have the prescribed operation. After realizing I needed to change my life style I took part in the Beginning Class of Mahayana Zengong. I must admit that although I am far from mastering Chi-Kung practice I respect Grand Master Shan-Fo greatly for the way he treats people and conducts business affairs. Whenever I had either major or minor discomfort, both Grand Masters would perform remote healing or come to my house to heal me. And the healing was always very effective. The way he took care of me is beyond description.

            Often we discussed issues concerning Buddha Dharma and Chi-Kung. I gradually learned more about the contents of Mahayana Zengong Teaching. I then realized and agreed that the Teaching is indeed the integration of the heart-essence of the major Chinese Buddhist Schools (i.e., Tien-Tai, Hua-Yen, Pureland, Tantra, etc.) and is ultimately in line with that of the Zen Teaching. To express my gratitude for their guidance and special care I agreed to teach Buddha-Dharma in their, then, newly founded Center, located at Han-Ko Street, Taipei. At the same time, I invited Grand Master to offer a Beginning Class of Mahayana Zengong to my Mandra Society so that it was easier for people in the eastern part of Taipei to learn Mahayana Zengong.

            Mahayana Zengong teaching asserts the ideas of the Unity of Mind and Matter, the Unity of Body and Mind, and the intimate connections between psychology and physiology. An enlightened being undoubtedly goes through drastic physiological transformation. Similarly, a genuine Kung-Fu master experiences great changes in his or her mental ability. Long ago in Mainland China there were intellectuals who proclaimed: “The twentieth century was the era of the physical sciences. The twenty first century will be an era of life sciences. Only China is so deeply rooted in searching, knowing, and understanding the profound interaction and interplay between physiology and psychology and is also interested in Kung-Fu practices. We must put more effort in and actively propagate these traditional treasures.” That was why the Mainland Chinese searched out the psychics and rounded up children with special talents and trained them. Qi Gong Healing in Mainland China is approved and encouraged by the government and is also well received by the general public. However, many of the psychics and masters showed off their special powers both in China and abroad. Most of them were born with psychic power and often bragged about their success. As soon as the inherited good fortune associated with that power was exhausted, they ended up being religious quacks and were accused of lying. If the psychic power is, however, realized through cultivation, then the power will not regress.

            I sincerely hope that practitioners of Mahayana Zengong will carry on the unsurpassed heritage of the profound teaching and further propagate it and bring benefits to all human beings. The practice of the teaching will allow one to improve the health conditions, reduce the possibility of getting sick, promote peace and harmony, and become a better person. Further, it allows one to attain mind awakening and Self-realization and to be able to help others to achieve enlightenment and realization.