by Victoria Cheng of Los Angeles


            I learned several different styles of Chi-Kung under the guidance of many masters in Los Angeles, without much success, especially in imparting Chi energy. I also witnessed, unfortunately, several Chi-Kung students who experienced deviation syndromes. Therefore, I completely quit practicing Chi-Kung for a long while. A few years ago, Grand Masters Shan-Fo and Shan-Yin came to Los Angeles to present the very first public seminar about Mahayana Zengong, I attended the presentation and discovered that Mahayana Zengong teaching included mind development as well as quintessential applications. I felt comfortable with the presentation, so I enrolled for the Beginning Class. Now I am in the Mind-Awakening Class (I) [Editor’s note, the sixth level of the Mahayana Zengong teaching]. As you can see, I am big, tall, healthy, and may be a bit overweight. A few years ago, I was sick all over. I believe that you may be interested in learning my story.

             I suffered from migraine headaches for more than twenty years. I received various medical treatments (including acupuncture) without any success. During the healing demonstration of the first public seminar presented by the Mahayana Zengong, I had the great fortune to receive healing from Grand Master Shan-Yin, who simply put out her hand in front of me. I immediately felt electrified. Electric currents flowed from my head to toes like waterfalls, one wave after another. I suddenly found that my migraine had disappeared. I could not believe Grand Master Shan-Yin’s Chi energy was so powerful, as she was only a young lady. I thought to myself: “If she can do it, so can I.” That was why I changed my opinion about Chi-Kung and kept on learning it.

            Later, I had another wonderful experience. My spinal column in the rear was unbearably painful and there were spasms all over my whole body. However, the medical doctors could not find anything wrong with me. By chance, Grand Master Shan-Fo came to Los Angeles for another teaching event. He emitted light energy on me for a while and all my problems were gone. Under normal circumstances I would have gone to the emergency room of a hospital. I then would receive one or more pain-killer shots for muscle relaxation. Then, I would sleep like a log for at least eight hours. When I woke up, I would feel like I had just recovered from a grave illness. But on that day, with five minutes of light energy treatment, I immediately recovered as if I were an energetic strong man. So, I told myself to stay on and keep learning Mahayana Zengong. Those were my very precious personal experiences with the Grand Masters.

            We know so well of the potential side effects from taking prescribed medicine. But I have not experienced any side effects in practicing Mahayana Zengong. I have worked at the Department of Neurosurgery in a hospital for nineteen years. The doctors there are distinguished physicians. When I mentioned to them the profoundness of Mahayana Zengong and the power of my Masters, they were not really convinced. One day my secretary suffered a severe headache so that she could not do any work. Being a student in the Advanced Class, I offered my free services. I suggested to her: “Let me give it a try!” Practicing what I had learned, I opened my palm and performed healing on her. At that instant my pretty secretary started to move her whole body. Several doctors who witnessed this were very shocked at seeing what had happened with their own eyes. After healing for ten minutes I asked her to open her eyes and tell how she felt. She answered: “My headache is gone.” The doctors thought that I had supernatural powers. I told them: “Any one can learn to have this kind of ability. I am not a superwoman or psychic. If you are interested and practice hard, you will develop similar abilities.”

            In spite of the advancement of science and technology today, I came across some rare medical cases among Chinese friends. When they asked me to recommend medical specialties, I always referred them to the best physicians in the Greater Los Angeles area. But time after time, the medical profession hardly helped them. I remember in one Mahayana Zengong seminar presentation, Mr. Wu said that he could not hear anything even if the noise was as loud as thunder. To him any voice was like an echo from remote mountains. According to a diagnosis provided by a reputable Ear Research Center, the chance for Mr. Wu to improve his hearing was very remote. But after receiving healing from a fellow practitioner of Mahayana Zengong for five short minutes, he could hear again. That was inconceivable! Thus he immediately registered as a Mahayana Zengong student. Now Mr. Wu is a fellow practitioner. How marvelous!

            Many of you may feel the same way that I did. You are interested in your health improvement and medical prevention. I believe our Mahayana Zengong is what you are looking for. However, Mahayana Zengong also provides mind development. In talking about this teaching, I want to tell you a joke. As you see I talk very fast. That means I get nervous sometimes. I get agitated by noises from kids, dogs, cats or bells. Often, my kids would lose their tempers if I nagged them about dos and don’ts. In turn I would get upset too. After I practiced Mahayana Zengong, my temper was under much better control, and I am not easily disturbed. There was another pleasant surprise. In the wintertime, my mother used to complain: “You poor thing, you can not even afford a sweater!” I answered: “Why should I buy it?” She would respond: “It is cold!” I said: “I am hot and am sweating!” This was not because I was heavy. It was because I practiced Mahayana Zengong daily. I felt a warm energy circulating around my whole body. That was why I do not need warm clothing. Furthermore, let me tell you that I do not put on any makeup. My face is radiant and smooth. I believe this is due to Chi-Kung and meditation practices resulting in improved blood circulation. Before taking up the practice of Mahayana Zengong, I always felt cold in my feet and hands, especially the tips of my fingers. Now my circulation is excellent! I feel my body is warm all the time. So are my feet.

            I sincerely share with you the benefits I gained from learning Mahayana Zengong.