by Rev. Tien-Yen of the Nan-Shan Temple, Kaohsiung


            Since renouncing the worldly family life, I thought that the teachings of Buddhism could be actualized. The practice not only allows one to find sanctuary, but also benefits oneself and helps others achieve the attainment of Buddhahood. The practice of Buddhism should permit one to achieve liberation during this life and not merely a hope that permits one to be reborn in the Pureland of Ultimate Bliss after death. However, for many years I could not find a Dharma Gateway that would appear to fulfill such claims. I was neither free from sorrow and bad habits nor improving my physical health. In fact, my physical condition went from bad to worse. I became perplexed while on the Path. But deep in my heart I refused to give up spiritual cultivation and I refused to believe that there is not an expedient Dharma Gateway, which permits one to the attainment of enlightenment in this life!

            Luckily in early May of 1993, the Nan-Shan Temple received flyers about a free Mahayana Zengong seminar presentation. After seeing the flyer, I found interesting claims that practicing Mahayana Zengong could strengthen one’s life energy, improve one’s health, and, furthermore, help one heal others. I was particularly impressed by the claim that Mahayana Zengong is the integration of Buddhism, meditation and Chi-Kung training. Mahayana Zengong provides the progressive and systematic teachings of the orthodox Buddhist Gateways. The practice of Mahayana Zengong allows one to unify Body and Mind and attain the fruit of Buddhahood in this life. This is exactly the Path I had been searching for! Therefore, my Abbot, Rev. Kai-Chu, and I went to the seminar presentation and subsequently signed up for the Mahayana Zengong class.

            The more I practiced, the more I felt the depth of Mahayana Zengong. My physical well-being got better day by day. As advertised in the flyer I could also perform Remote Healing to heal others. For example, I healed another venerable monk who lived 20 kilometers away. He fell and injured his leg. As a result, he could no longer do sitting meditation. After I performed light energy emanation on him for a week he recovered quickly and was able to again sit in a vajra posture. My confidence in the Mahayana Zengong teaching became ever strengthened because of my successful healing cases and my own physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. I now truly believe that Mahayana Zengong is indeed a pure Dharma Gateway, which permits one to attain enlightenment and can have impact on the contemporary practice of modern Buddhism.

            In my opinion, the profound Mahayana Zengong teachings can be summarized in four essential points:


1. It is a profound teaching.

            The teaching is the integration of all quintessential teachings of the eight major Chinese Buddhist Schools. It provides progressive and systematic teachings from the beginning level of opening and clearing the Chi energy channels to the more advanced mind development. Meditation is regarded as the main practice and Chi-Kung is a complementary means. In the beginning one concentrates on Chi-Kung practices in order to open Chi energy channels of the whole body and to strengthen and cultivate Chi energy in the Dan-Tien. Once the physical condition improves, meditation training is emphasized so that Chi energy is transformed into mind energy and then into super mind energy. The latent potential of our Self-nature dharmakaya manifests in due course. The applications of the developed potentials will benefit oneself in mind awakening and realization and can also be beneficial in helping to free sentient beings from physical and mental suffering.


2. It is simple, easy to learn and is very effective.

            If one follows and cultivates according to the Teaching, undoubtedly every one can actualize enlightenment. By the time one masters the teaching materials covered in the Advanced (the 3rd) Class they will be able to perform “Remote Healing for the Self and Others.” Those who complete the Specialty (the 4th) Class can perform “Remote Healing – Transcending Time-Space” with inconceivable results.


3. It can quickly transform one’s body and mind.

            The emotional and habitual defilements will subtly be transformed before one realizes it. One can swiftly realize the “Unity of Body and Mind.”


4. The Masters are unsurpassed.

            We are very fortunate to have Grand Masters Shan-Fo and Shan-Yin, who definitely are manifested Bodhisattvas. They have attained liberation, as they are free from any Self-ego. They dedicate their lives for the sake of propagating Dharma. They set an excellent example for us showing how to practice the Way of Bodhisattvas.


            After joining Mahayana Zengong I regained confidence in my journey on the spiritual Path. I feel fortunate that my life will not be wasted in vain. I vowed to never separate from the profound teaching life after life and I pray that all sentient beings will practice Mahayana Zengong and attain ultimate liberation, Bodhi.