by Pai-Sain Lin of Kaohsiung


            You must have accumulated a great deal of virtue and merit so that you have the great fortune to read this article. Why? Because of your great virtue, you have the golden opportunity to make a connection with Mahayana Zengong. You will undoubtedly enter the door to health and prosperity. In turn, your relatives and friends will become happy and joyful because of your success in improving your health and unveiling your latent wisdom. All these will encourage me to further my study of Mahayana Zengong.

            Since childhood I was known to be dry and skinny as a stick. I was introverted and pessimistic about life. And, I always felt that I was a loser. The main culprit was my digestive system, which was not functioning properly. Because of this, I had been in very bad physical shape since I was little. I looked much older than my actual age. I often felt sad and unhappy. I did not, in fact, have any purpose or goal in my life. But all that changed after I joined Mahayana Zengong. My physical well-being improved. I realized, for the first time, that everyone is unique and that there is deep meaning in everyone’s life. So, I would like to share with you the benefits that I gained by practicing Mahayana Zengong:


1. Mahayana Zengong helps me eradicate my bad habits.

            My respiratory system was severely damaged because I was a chain smoker. Through Chi-Kung practices I naturally quit smoking. My respiratory ailments were eventually eliminated. I enjoyed the full recovery of my breathing ability.


2. Mahayana Zengong helps me resist cold.

            In the wintertime I always fully packed my luggage with heavy coats when I was on business trips to the northern part of Taiwan. After taking up the practice of Mahayana Zengong, I was not afraid of cold any more. Now, a light traveling bag is more than sufficient for my trip.


3. Mahayana Zengong lets me remain standing for a long while.

            I used to be a teacher when I was young. However, I was too weak to stand all the way through a 45-minute class. I had to lean on a table at intervals. I can now remain in a standing position for one to three hours without difficulty.


            Depending on each individual’s decision, everyone is entitled to enjoy a colorful and meaningful life. If you take my advice today, you will be grateful in the future that you have made a wise decision. I am determined to stay on and follow the spiritual Path. Besides my regular work, I think about the Mahayana Zengong teachings all the time, as I vowed to attain Buddhahood. I am grateful to Grand Masters Shan-Fo and Shan-Yin for their unconditional guidance.

            I used to suffer from sore shoulders, back pains, and poor posture. After joining Mahayana Zengong, I persistently practiced Chi-Kung exercises, recitation of the Nine-Syllable mantra, and meditation for at least one hour every day. I now feel Chi energy circulating along the Chi channels in my body. I am a happy person and do not get sick any more. Spiritually I feel calm and even tempered, and free from gross desirous attachments. In addition to all these, I was able to help my family members and friends to ease their aches and pains. I normally make use of the healing methods such as the “Da Zi Zai Water-Cleansing” and the “Great Wish-Fulfilling Palms”. For example, my father is 88 years old. Whenever he felt weak I applied the light energy emanation to help him. My father soon felt exuberant and energetic again.

            In short, Mahayana Zengong provides the eight levels of Mind Development and the nine Levels of Physiological Cultivation. If we study and practice diligently, we will surely attain Mind Awakening and Enlightenment ourselves, and will have the great opportunity to save all sentient beings very soon.