by Chin-Kun Lin of Chungli


            I had been a spiritual adherent of E-Kung-Dao for 30 years before I took up Mahayana Zengong practices. Although I had a solid understanding in theory of the E-Kung-Dao teaching and had worked hard to share what I knew with other adherents, I was far from any actual realization. Despite practicing for years, my physical condition was pretty weak and my complexion pale. However, after practicing Mahayana Zengong for about three months, I became radiant and felt energetic. My wife and children were surprised to see the change.

            My left shoulder was cracked in a car accident. It was difficult for me to raise my left arm. Now I can raise it up to 95% of the capacity of a normal arm. I attributed the improvement to the Chi-Kung exercises. My wife also benefited from the Mahayana Zengong practice. After practicing the first movement of “Unifying Body and Mind” for only one week, her frequent urination ailment was greatly relieved.

            I used to easily lose my temper. I would physically punish my students in the classroom and get very angry and upset. After practicing Mahayana Zengong, I was able to maintain peace of mind and appeal to reasoning. Now, sometimes when I lose control of my temper, I am able to be mindful and burst into laughter within a short time. I really surprised myself with that. It is indeed amazing and inconceivable!

            Before taking up Mahayana Zengong, I would quarrel with my wife and keep the cold war going for a couple of days. Now I handle things squarely with reasoning, and the “anger” disperses like smoke and clouds.

            I used to give public discussion of the Sutras. For example, I talked about the “Platform-Sutra of the Six Patriarch of Zen” on several occasions. I always felt like I was teaching world geography and that I had never been there before. I merely gave an intellectual explanation of the text without vivid personal experience. There is an old saying: “Hearing one-hundred times is worth less than one real personal encounter with one’s naked eyes.” Now I read the same Sutra again and my comprehension and insight is different than it used to be.

            I used to worry about trivial things. I am able to let go of this kind of worry now. My main focus is to develop the perseverance in Dharma practice. I have experienced calmness, peacefulness, and happiness in my life since I took up Mahayana Zengong teaching. I have never felt this kind of freedom before although I was on the spiritual Path for the past thirty years.

            In the summer of 1999, my elder daughter broke a bone in a car accident. She was hospitalized and went through an operation. She suffered excruciating pain and cried out loud frequently. I treated her with the “Great Wish-Fulfilling Palm” and the “Vajra Finger” which I learned from Mahayana Zengong. In just a few minutes her pains were gone. On other occasions, I performed light energy emanation to heal my daughters from Chungli to Changhua and from Chungli to Taichung. All healing performances resulted in very positive benefits. The long distance remote healing is truly inconceivable! That is why I have unwavering faith in the Mahayana Zengong teachings.