by Wen-Hsun Wong of Hsinchu


            I have practiced Mahayana Zengong for two years. Like most people I went to the Mahayana Zengong seminar presentation out of curiosity. According to the flyer one can absorb cosmic energy and impart Chi energy at will after practicing for three consecutive months. Further, one can perform remote healing for others in half a year. Although I doubted the claim I thought of an old saying which goes like this: “No venture, no discovery.” Therefore, I decided to take a look at what the Mahayana Zengong teaching is all about. It turned out that I got hooked. After practicing Mahayana Zengong for a while, I went through a metamorphoses transformation both physically and mentally. My view of life changed drastically too. Now I feel my life is full of hope and meaning, bright and radiant. Why?

            First, I substantially improved my endurance and agility after taking up the Mahayana Zengong practice. I found that my previous bruises and injuries quickly recovered. Sometime ago, I remembered I was hit by a motorcycle. I saw with my own eyes that the blue bruises on my leg turned to red and then disappeared quickly. I was shocked in disbelief as how it could be healed so fast. Furthermore, I do not feel cold in the winter any more. During cold weather, my solar plexus is full of warm energy, which spreads throughout my whole body. There is heat encompassing my whole body so that the cold is blocked from getting into me.

            Secondly, regarding the long distance remote healing, I was able to heal my wife who suffered from the ailment, “dislocation of womb membrane”. I sent her to McKay Hospital for “endoscope” inspection. Once the doctor inserted the tool into her abdomen, he took it out and said: “There is no need to examine further because it has already spread over the abdomen.” There is no better way than surgery for treating this ailment. Taking medicine would only provide a temporary relief. So after we got home from the hospital, I applied the remote healing on her for a week. My wife discharged the fiber-like substances from her body. In the follow-up test, the doctor was in shock upon seeing the test results. He felt pretty strange and shook his head saying, “How can this happen?”

            Next, I shall share with you my healing experiences with my parent. Once, my mother fell down on the ground. Her left arm and facial nerves became numb. She recovered from the numbness after I performed remote healing on her three separate times. From then on, she treated me like a Chi-Kung master. Whenever she felt tired or uncomfortable, she called me to her room to transmit Chi energy to her. As was like the martial arts story, she sat in front of me and I was behind her. I transmitted Chi energy to her with both of my hands. Then she felt good and relaxed.

            I share my humble experiences with you and hope that you will join us in practicing the profound Mahayana Zengong teachings. Let us enjoy mutual benefits from Buddha’s blessings and empowerment. I believe that you will gain benefits from the practice, and your life will be drastically transformed just like mine.