Thanks to Professor Han-Hsin Wen, the leader of the overseas Chinese community in Vancouver, Mahayana Zengong is being taught in Canada. In three separate trips we gave a total of five public presentations and benefitted thousands of people in Vancouver, Canada. Now there are about one hundred students in the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Classes. Over fifty of them are capable of performing remote healing.

Remote healing cures difficult chronic illnesses

Professor Wen has been my good friend for over twenty years. He and his family emigrated and settled in Canada. Many years had gone by since we last met. It was October 1987 when Professor Wen returned to Taiwan leading a group of overseas Chinese to attend the National Day Celebrations. He came to visit me at the Mahayana Zengong headquarter.

When Professor Wen saw me teaching Mahayana Zengong, Chi-Kung, and Remote Healing, he was quite surprised. When he left Taiwan I had not yet begun studying Mahayana Zengong. He knew that I could not perform Chi-Kung healing before. And now, ten years later I became a Chi-Kung master. In fact, Professor Wen himself had practiced martial arts since he was young. His Iron Head and Iron Palm techniques had been cultivated to a very high level. He did not know that one could perform Remote Healing by practicing Chi-Kung. Or, after practicing Mahayana Zengong for a few years, one could become an accomplished Chi-Kung master and Zen instructor.

In order to try me out, he asked me to heal his sphincter pains and chronic diarrhea. Without making direct contact with his body I applied the Great Wish-Fulfilling Palm and emitted healing energy onto his stomach. About five minutes later I stopped and asked him if he could feel anything. He said that he could not. So, I asked him if he was concentrating as instructed, to which he replied that he was not. Therefore, I asked him to concentrate on his painful areas and I performed healing again. In the next 10-minute healing period, he was concentrating on his painful areas while receiving the healing energy from me. When the time was up, he said that his sphincter felt hot. He could feel warm energy circulating throughout his body. His whole body was sweating and felt very comfortable all over.

A few days later he told me that his chronic sphincter pains and diarrhea had apparently gone. There had been no recurrence since then. Furthermore, he requested me to heal his high blood pressure. Once again I entered into a state of deep concentration and applied the Great Wish-Fulfilling Palm above his crown. I asked him to cooperate by concentration and visualization. After ten minutes he told me that his headache had completely gone.

The following day, he went to the Taipei Veteran’s General Hospital for his scheduled blood pressure check and to get his prescription. Amazingly, his blood pressure was found to be absolutely normal for his age. After this encouraging news, I taught him several forms of exercise to maitain his blood pressure in normal condition. I asked him to practice every day.

Professor Wen returned for the National Day celebrations the following year and told me that his decade old diarrhea problem had been completely cured and never recurred since then. His blood pressure was now normal except when he worked late or was physically exhausted. Because of all these wonderful results, he invited me to Canada to spread the teachings of Mahayana Zengong to benefit the people in Vancouver.

In April 1991, we conducted the first Mahayana Zengong Remote Healing public presentation in Vancouver, Canada. I organized a teaching team which consisted of Grand Master Shan-Yin, Dr. Chun-Shen Li, Instructor Han Lin and several Advanced Class students. Neither the study of Buddhism nor Chi-Kung practices was popular in Vancouver. Surprisingly, three hundred people attended the public presentation and Chi-Kung demonstration. We performed Remote Healing and light empowerment for the audience as usual. As a result, many who suffered serious chronic diseases were healed. However, only a few dozen enrolled in the course.

Intercontinental Long Distance Remote Healing

During May 1991, Professor Wen was diagnosed as having Bell’s palsy at the Taipei Veteran’s General Hospital. It was caused by a virus infection in his right ear. As a result, he lost control of his facial muscles, that is, a partial facial paralysis. It would normally take four to eight months to recover. Because of the medical expenses Professor Wen immediately returned to Canada for further diagnosis and treatment. He was given the very same diagnosis and prognosis for recovery by Canadian physicians.

After I made contact with Professor Wen in Canada, I arranged to give him two treatments using Long Distance Remote Healing from Taiwan. I gave him two more treatments while I was in Los Angeles during August 1991. After a total of four sessions he informed me that he already felt over ninety percent cured.

According to Professor Wen, each time I performed Long Distance Remote Healing for him, he always felt his face numb and hot as if many ants were crawling over it. After each healing session, the affected facial area became more flexible, active and lively. I want to mention an interesting episode that occurred during the fourth treatment when I performed the remote healing from Los Angeles. At the time Professor Wen was hosting eight Taiwanese overseas students. Each of them was suffering from one type of illness or another. Professor Wen instructed them to quietly sit around him and to think hard on the troubled areas. However, I was not told of this in advance. During the course of fifteen minutes remote healing, I felt many areas of my body were extremely uncomfortable. That was very different from the three previous occasions. So I called him up to find out what was going on. Only then did I find out what had happened. Professor Wen told me that almost all the students who gathered around him had their ailments completely cured. It was truly amazing!

The second trip to Canada was made in September 1991. On the third trip to Canada we conducted two public presentations during February 1992. Over four hundred people attended and received Remote Healing and light empowerment. We offered new courses for the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Classes. About one hundred students enrolled.

After three teaching trips in Canada, there is now excitement and an increasing trend to study Buddhism and practice Chi-Kung in the overseas Chinese community in Vancouver, Canada.

(Translator’s note: This article first appeared in the Buddhist Newsweek, no. 134, July 13, 1992).

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