Since my first visit to Los Angeles in January 1990 to open the Bodhi Hall, I have been in USA six times and held ten public presentation demonstrations which benefitted thousands of people. More than three hundred people have taken part in the Mahayana Zengong intensive courses. Many of them suffered from different serious and chronic diseases and were healed either by the blessings of empowerment or through the practice of Mahayana Zengong. My first student in America was Mr. Jia-Ping Fu. He was initially a Taiwanese student in America. He later decided to settle down and work in USA. His wife, mother-in-law, sister and brother-in-law were all devoted Buddhists and were students of Venerable Jing Kong. Both Jia-Ping and his wife were very interested in Chi-Kung. In fact, Jia-Ping was an instructor under Qi Gong Master Gao-Yun in Los Angeles for many years. They practiced several forms of Chinese Qi Gong including the Chi-opening methods of Microcosmic and Macrocosmic orbits and self-activated Chi energy. Back in October of 1988, General Tan visited his relatives in USA. Mr. Fu introduced him to the Mainland Chinese Qi Gong practices. Because of his tight schedule General Tan did not have time to take the lessons. One year later, in October of 1989, Mr. Jia-Ping Fu and his family visited their relatives in Taiwan. Mr. Fu also paid a visit to General Tan. The General asked him about his Chi-Kung practices. Mr. Fu answered “All my Chi channels are cleared.” “Let me have a look” said the General. Then, General Tan closed his eyes to “look” at him and said “You have developed about twenty percent of your Chi channels.” Mr. Fu was astonished that the General was able to make this observation. Following that, General Tan projected his Chi energy to Mr. Fu through different parts of his body. Each time Mr. Fu’s body would respond with a shaking motion as if he were reacting to a strong shock or high energy transmissions. Mr. Fu was very envious of General Tan who a year before had not had any Chi-Kung training. Now, General Tan could emit Chi energy and was able to “see” the Chi energy of other people with his eyes closed. Mr. Fu himself could not do any of these things even though he had taken Chi-Kung practices from several masters. He asked General Tan whom he had been studying with. “I learn Mahayana Zengong from Grand Master Shan-Fo.” On that evening General Tan brought him to me. After receiving my light empowerment, Mr. Fu was so impressed that he immediately registered in the Beginning Class of Mahayana Zengong.

My first class in Los Angeles In January of 1990, Grand Master Shan-Yin and I set up the first Mahayana Zengong center in USA beginning with six students – Mr. and Mrs. Fu and their friends. At that time, we did not publicize our teaching. In May of 1991, it was the first time that we held a public presentation of Mahayana Zengong Remote Healing and more than four hundred people attended. About two thirds of the audience experienced very strong Chi energy from my empowerment. There was astonishment and enthusiastic appreciation from those in the audience who were seasoned students of Buddhism and Chi-Kung practitioners. Grand Master Shan-Yin, myself and Mr. and Mrs. Fu repeatedly gave healing empowerment to the audience. Many of the audience had profound responses to the healing as many of their pains were relieved right away. In Los Angeles there are many Chi-Kung masters from Mainland China. They teach various types of Chi-Kung and meditation. Occasionally, they would perform healing empowerment and normally they would take half a day to restore their energies. They are extremely reluctant to teach the general public how to do healing empowerment. After the presentations, sixty eight people registered for the Mahayana Zengong class and most of them had practiced Chi-Kung and/or Buddhism for many years. However, none of them was able to emit Chi energy or perform healing empowerment. In contrast to that, Mr. and Mrs. Fu had only studied Mahayana Zengong for half a year and were able to conduct remote healing. In the presentations both Mr. and Mrs. Fu performed healing for more than ten people with beneficial results. That was really impressive. Many students enrolled for the class because of their convincing performances. The students showed great enthusiasm about the Mahayana Zengon teachings. The progress they made was amazing! A seventy years old retired engineer, Mr. Tong-Zeng Li, had suffered deafness in his right ear for twenty years. No doctors could help. After I gave him healing energy in the state of Da Zi Zai Light Emanation Samadhi for ten minutes, he was cured. A biochemist, Ms. Victoria Cheng, had suffered severe neck pain for more than ten years. Her neck pain resulted from work related problems. After having gone through different treatments and several therapeutic exercises from many renowned medical doctors and Chi-Kung masters, she was still no better off. However, she completely recovered after one session of healing empowerment from me.

Three hundred students up till now Mahayana Zengong has been offered to the public in Los Angeles for the last two years. The teaching trip to USA this January was the sixth time. There are many highly accomplished Mahayana Zengong students now. On that January trip we held a public presentation at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel, Monterey Park. It attracted some four hundred attendants. Among the ten students who took the stage to share their learning experiences and achievements were Dr. Chung-Yung Wu (Professor of Physics), Dr. Yo-Di Yang (Professor of Biology), Dr. Shu-An Sun (Medical Doctor, Director of a Medical Clinic) and seven others with Masters degrees. Twenty of our Research Class students demonstrated long distance (50 meters) healing to the audience. Forty students from the Advanced Class performed short distance remote healing. Almost one hundred percent of the audience said the healing was effective! In USA we now have a total of three hundred students registered in the various classes, namely the Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Research, Specialty, and Mind-Awakening classes. There are about thirty of them who have the ability to perform remote healing from hundreds of miles away.

(Translator’s note: This article first appeared in the Buddhist Newsweek, no. 133, June 22, 1992.)

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