In November of 1989, in accordance with my teacher’s wishes, I once again set off for Beijing to attend the “The International Medical Qi Gong Research Conference.” I presented my paper, entitled “The Clinical Application of Chi Energy Remote Healing.” Additionally, four of my students and I gave demonstrations of Long Distance and Short Distance Remote Healing in front of more than two thousand participants. They were mainly Chi-Kung masters and religious delegates from over forty countries. I myself empowered the entire audience with the Da Zi Zai Light Emanation. The astonishing response of the participants made the name of Mahayana Zengong known worldwide. The shadow of the “Tian An Men Incident” was still strongly lingering when we received the invitation from the Conference Committee. Because of the sincere invitation of the sponsor, the Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Mr. Ren Hua-Yen of the Foreign Affairs Department of China, we finally decided to accept the invitation. All China’s religious institutions were destroyed during the Great Cultural Revolution. Even though many temples and monasteries were being restored after 1978, they mainly became tourist attractions. The transmission of Buddhist teachings to the general public was rare. However, the practices of Zen and the Tibetan Tantric Buddhism still survived under the guise of Qi Gong teachings. Due to the extreme emphasis on materialism, most of the religious terminology had been changed to materialist nomenclature. For example, the term “soul” or “spirit” has been substituted with “residual message”. The “great compassionate water” became commonly known as the “message water”. The healing power of message water, ironically, was proven to be effective by the Chinese scientific community. Witnessing the effects of Buddhism’s destruction in China, I strengthened my determination to introduce Mahayana Zengong into China.

Short and Long Distance Remote Healing Methods During the six days of the Conference, almost one hundred papers were presented. Among them were reports from the Japanese Tantric Mahamudra school, Mainland Chinese Tantric and Zen schools, and dozens of other Buddhist and Taoist schools. Demonstrations were also given. The organizers made arrangement for me to present a paper and perform a demonstration. My paper was scheduled under Group Three, the well known “Supernormal Abilities” category. (This is a legitimate branch of scientific research in China which is comparable to the West’s paranormal research established by J. B. Rhine, but much broader in scope.) There were several hundred people who attended our session. After my presentation the audience asked several pointed questions such as: “What is the scientific principle underlying Long Distance Remote Healing?” and, “How is one trained to have this ability?” I explained that the underlying scientific principle of Remote Healing was the application of electromagnetic field and the effect of field resonance. The practitioner must realize a high level meditation so that he/she can cause the dharmakaya to expand outwardly. Only in this way could the electromagnetic field of the practitioner envelop that of the person being healed thousands of miles away. The interaction between the two magnetic fields created resonance effects resulting in energy exchange and balancing. Through the power of mental concentration, the discomforted area or illness of the individual was empowered and thus the healing effect could be achieved. When I completed my explanation, the audience erupted in a great round of appreciative applause. We were the twelfth group in line to perform Chi-Kung demonstration. There were two thousand people in the audience from forty countries. I divided the allocated twelve-minute demonstration into two segments. The first was the simultaneous performance of a Short Distance and a 100-meter Long Distance Remote Healing. Three of my students performed the Short Distance Remote Healing while I carried out the 100-meter Remote Healing with two volunteers from the audience. I simultaneously empowered both patients with my palms. After three minutes they testified to have a highly satisfactory healing effect. In the second phase demonstration, I entered the deep Da Zi Zai Light Emanation Samadhi to empower the entire audience for three minutes. I then asked how many people had felt my healing energy and more than eighty percent of the two thousand participants raised their hands. It was indeed a very successful demonstration.

A psychic saw golden light hitting the roof What really caught me by surprise was when I stepped off the stage, several hundred people rushed to me requesting my business card and/or taking photograph with me. Within five minutes all three hundred business cards were gone. There was a Chinese female Qi Gong master who held my hand and would not let go. She said: “Master, please teach me, alright?” “Why do you call me master?” I questioned. “It was incredible! I have never seen anything like it in forty years. I saw your entire body radiating strong golden light which was shooting through the roof!” “How could you see that?” “Since I was young I have always had psychic sight.” Therefore, she became my first student in Mainland China. Subsequently, there were some thirty people asking for healing. They were crammed from the side door to the hallway. I could not turn them away. So I started healing them one at a time for three minutes each. After I gave healing energy to the eighth person, many of the remaining people became impatient. They called out “Master, can you hurry up! Curfew starts at eleven and the Conference must conclude by ten-thirty. We are running out of time!” Thus, I asked them to bring two more chairs so that I could conduct healing three persons at a time by simultaneously emanating energy from my left and right palms and right foot. It took me less than an hour to finish healing all of them. The successful rate was one hundred percent! Thanks to  Buddha’s blessings and empowerment. The most interesting episode was the People’s Daily News reporter who asked me: “Excuse me master, are you a human or a divine being?” “Why do you ask me that?” “Mainland Qi Gong masters usually can only heal five people a day and then they need half a day to recover their energy and vitality. How is it that you can successively heal tens of people with incredible healing results?” “Of course I am a man. What I used in healing was Mahayana Zengong.” During the following days many VIPs visited and asked me for healing. Everyone expressed their complete satisfaction after I gave healing empowerment to them. Among these people were Madame Chen Lien-Jun, Director of the Garden Gymnastic Health Association in Singapore; a female Chi-Kung master from New York; the Chiefs of the Public Security Departments of Beijing, Anhui, and Zhejang. A Chi-Kung master from Russia also asked my healing. So, we can humbly said that Mahayana Zengong become known in Beijing.

(Translator’s note: This article first appeared in the issue of Buddhist Newsweek, no. 130, May 4, 1992.)

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