empower1In October of 1988, I organized the Mahayana Zengong Mainland China Tour Group which consisted of sixteen members. We toured China for the first seven days and then participated in the five day First International Medical Qi Gong Exchange Conference in Beijing. Finally we took part in the ten day First International Medical Qi Gong Practitioner Training Program which was carried out under the auspices of the Conference Committee.

Chi energy is visible Six of the tour group members were my students while the remainder were their relatives and friends. We first went sightseeing in Guilin and Hangzou and then proceeded to Shanghai. Apart from sightseeing, we met with the Sixteen Arhats Qi Gong Association in Shanghai. A large group of their students performed Chi-Kung and mental telepathy demonstrations for us. We also visited their remote healing clinic. Later on, we visited the Shanghai Qi Gong Research Institute and its Qi Gong Clinic. The director of the Clinic, Mr. Chai, personally gave us a guided tour of the Clinic’s facilities. According to Mr. Chai, Mainland China’s scientific and medical communities had been heavily involving in the Chi-Kung research since 1987. Large scale research experiments would normally include scientists, Traditional Chinese medical doctors, Western medical doctors, and Chi-Kung masters. It may be important to mention that the father of Chinese Aerospace Science, Mr. Qian Xue-Shen, was a strong supporter of the interdisciplinary research project. Their research effort resulted in many scientific and clinic reports on Chi-Kung studies. Chi energy emitted by Chi-Kung masters were measured in terms of its wavelength and frequency. The techniques of Kirlian photography had been utilized to capture the light colors of Chi energy. The experimental findings and the clinical successes of Chi-Kung therapy have proveen that Chi-Kung should be placed in the fields of Human Life Sciences and Paranormal Studies. The Shanghai Qi Gong Clinic accepted cancer patients and patients suffering special serious chronic diseases from all over the country. In addition to the medical care of the Traditional Chinese and Western medical therapy, patients were given treatment by Chi-Kung masters and asked to practice Chi-Kung. Periodically patients also received remote healing. As a result, many of them fully recovered and were discharged from the Clinic. Our last stop was Beijing where my six students and I participated in the Conference. The remainder of the group went sightseeing. I submitted a research paper to the Conference Committee to take part in an oral presentation. When we got the conference program, I found out that my paper was not included. With the help from the Chairman of the Taiwanese group, Mr. Chang-Xin Wu, we found out from a committee member that my paper had not met the deadline. Later, we were told that my paper was too supernatural, and that the Conference Committee had kept it for further consideration. I was not at all satisfied with either of these explanations. However, since it was my first time in this country, I accepted the condition. I thought that the wonderful Mahayana Zengong and its benefits could never be seen and appreciated by the conference participants. The Conference was quite successful. There were more than two thousand participants from more than forty countries. After the Conference concluded, the First International Medical Qi Gong Practitioners Training Program was held. Participants of the Training Program received an Official Certificate stating that they were qualified Chi-Kung medical practitioners. So, six of my students and other two hundred people from Taiwan attended the program. They made up three-quarters of the entire training group. The opening ceremony of the Training Program was hosted by the Secretary General of the Conference Committee, Mr. He-Ting Gao, who was also the director of the Beijing Chinese Traditional Medicine Institute. During the ceremony there were scheduled Chi-Kung demonstrations by Chi-Kung masters. Because the arrangements were somewhat impromptu some of the Chi-Kung masters were unable to attend the ceremony. So I was asked to give a fifteen-minute demonstration. I took the opportunity to hand out my paper and briefly presented the paper for five minutes. Then, I gave remote healing to the audience for another five minutes. Five volunteers came up on stage. Their ailments included eye and nose diseases, shoulder and back pains and headaches. I gave each of them remote healing for one minute and the results were one hundred percent successful. For the final five minutes, I gave Chi and light empowerment to the entire audience. Then there were enormous applause and appreciation. After the demonstration, a large number of workers came up and asked me to give them Chi energy. The Conference Secretary, Madam Fu Li-le, told me privately that my Chi empowerment was extremely strong with excellent healing results. She invited me to attend the World Medical Qi Gong Plenary Conference to be held in October of the following year and to present my paper and give demonstrations. She also hoped that I could lead a team from Taiwan so that they could study and establish a Chi-Kung training program based on Mahayana Zengong. I explained to her that I could lead another tour. I said I would give some thought to the cooperative Qi Gong and Mahayana Zengong training program after I returned to Taiwan. For the remaining days of the Training Program, conference personnel addressed me as “Dashi”, meaning Grand Master. The Chi-Kung and Zen-Kung masters (more than one hundred) from Taiwan, who attended the program, held a very high regard for Mahayana Zengong. Many of them proclaimed that once they returned to Taiwan, they wanted to study Mahayana Zengong. There were also many Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese participants who requested my healing. I did my best to give them healing empowerment and all of them left very satisfied. Among them was the Public Relations Manager of the Ming Yuan Hotel, Mr. Duan Dan, who had suffered from chronic throat pain for about twenty years. After about ten minutes of healing, he had almost completely recovered. I also healed the General Manager’s stomach ache and the Sales Manager’s shoulder pains successfully.

Li Peng’s relatives express their gratitude with photographs One day before the end of the Training Program, when I was having a vegetarian dinner alone in my room, the Public Relations Manager of the Ming Yuan Hotel, Mr. Dan Duan, ran to me in a great hurry saying that he had been looking all over for me. He said that there were important people waiting to see me. They wanted me to give them remote healing to relieve their ailments. The individuals in question had received healing from three other Chi-Kung masters without clear benefits. I told him that my healing might not be effective too and could cause them further disappointment. He replied that he had complete confidence in me since I had cured his throat problem of twenty years, and that the people who wanted to see me were very important. They were the wife, daughter and son-in-law of the Chinese Premier Mr. Li Peng. Mr. Duan himself was a colleague of Mr. Li’s daughter. The previous unsuccessful appointments with Chi-Kung masters were arranged by Mr. Duan. Not only were the people thoroughly disappointed, he also felt that he let them down. He himself had lost face! He hoped that I could give a try to help them. I told him to invite them to come. Actually I was very anxious at that time and concerned that I too might disappoint them! After Mr. Duan Dan introduced Mr. Li Peng’s wife, her daughter and son-in-law to me, we took our seats. I briefly discussed the methodology of Mahayana Zengong and the development of Mahayana Zengong in Taiwan to Mrs. Li Peng, Madam Zhu Lin. After that, she explained that her daughter suffered from migraines. Her son-in-law had a chronic nose blockage. So she kindly requested my help. I entered into a deep concentrative meditation in the Da Zi Zai Light Emanation Samadhi and bestowed the blessing on her daughter for five minutes. When I noticed that her body started to sway slightly and her face turned radiant, I stopped. She said that her migraine had ended and that the energy was so strong that her entire body felt warm. I then proceeded to give healing to the son-in-law. After five minutes he stated that his nose was completely cleared, much to my great relief. Then they said their good byes and left. The following day, the Conference Secretary General, Mr. Gao, officially invited me to attend the next year’s conference and hoped that I could present my paper and perform public demonstrations. At Mr. Gao’s side was Mr. Duan Dan who told me that I was now famous and, that with Mr. Li Peng’s daughter proclaiming my healing ability, I would be more so. In three days, we all returned to Taiwan. Two months later, I received two photographs from our travel agency. The photographs showed me speaking with Mrs. Li Peng and healing her daughter.

(Translator’s note: This article first appeared in the Buddhist Newsweek, no. 129, April 20, 1992.)

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