In July of 1988, I resigned my position as the head of the Sales Division of the Textile Association and concentrated on the work of teaching Mahayana Zengong. I set up the Kaohsiung Buddhist Center and organized a group to participate in the International Chi-Kung Conference in Mainland China. At that time we had centers in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and Changhwa. In the beginning we did not have many students. Typically, we had twenty to thirty students per class. The total number of students was less than one thousand. Because there were not many students, they received very personal attention from me. When they requested healing I would personally help them. Many of their relatives and friends also came for healing. Thus, there were many healing cases.

Lots of successful cases One of my students, a bus driver called Yun-Yuan Chen, had hepatitis and was being treated in the Ren-Ai Hospital in Taiwan. At the time of his admission, his GPT count was 1795. It had dropped down to 875 by the time he was released. But, that was still 25 times higher than normal condition. After practicing Mahayana Zengong for about six weeks, his GPT lowered to 191. After three more months of practice, it dropped further down to 91. Subsequently, he went back to work. During his recovery I gave him remote healing once a week. Another student, Ms. Ling-Sui Huang, suffered from breast cancer. She had already undergone five operations and she was still receiving treatment at the Taiwan University Hospital. To avoid having another operation and more chemotherapy, she came to learn Mahayana Zengong as an alternative. After she practiced five weeks and received weekly remote healing from me, her doctor noticed that the malignant tumors were continuously shrinking. After the sixth week, her doctors informed her that the tumors had vanished. She was on her way to full recovery. Madam Ye Man, a renowned Buddhist scholar, had been suffering from rectocele for twenty years. When she came to class I taught her special exercises and also gave her remote healing once a week. In less than three weeks she had been totally relieved from pains. She is now an Honorary Director of the ROC Mahayana Zengong Association. Another executive of our Mahayana Zengong Association, Madam Peng Hong Xi-Zhu, who is the Abbot of the Mu-Sheng Temple at Hsinchu, suffered severe chronic headaches. Neither Traditional Chinese treatment nor Western medicine gave her any relief. At her request, I only gave her remote healing once and that completely cured the pain. There was no recurrence in the many months after that. It was also at her invitation that I established the Hsinchu Buddhist Center and offered Mahayana Zengong teachings to the public in Hsinchu. Countless people came for remote healing, among them were two retired Legislators, Mr. Wu-Sheng Sheu and Mr. Shu-Wei Huang. The former suffered from back pain which was cured after ten minutes of remote healing. The latter complained of chronic fatigue and pains over his whole body. The cause was most probably due to overwork. After ten minutes of healing his body turned warm and his face took on a healthy glow. He is now the Vice-President of our Association. Participating in the grand opening ceremony of the World Chi-Kung Research Association at the Asiaworld Hotel, Legislator Mr. Hsieh Chang-Ting was suffering from a severe headache. The pain was completely gone after ten minutes of healing. The Manager of the Changhwa Branch Taiwan Medium Small Business Bank was hospitalized in the Changhwa Hospital with renal calculus. When I went to see him he was suffering excruciating pain which shook his body and left his face extremely pale and wild- looking. I asked him where the most painful point was. He shakily pointed to the area of his ureter. I gave him healing for about six minutes after which he stopped trembling and managed to settle down. He said that there was a kidney stone lodged in his ureter and that he had been in intensive pain for three days. The doctors told him that if the pain did not stop soon they would have to operate on him. He was appreciative of my healing. With the help of two people, he was able to get off the bed to wash up. Next I gave him remote Chi emanation for about five minutes. His face changed to a healthier color. Following that, I used my mind power to guide the removal of his kidney stones for five minutes. Two months later he invited me to dinner. He told me he did not have the surgery because the doctor could not find any trace of a kidney stone in the X-ray. “Where did it go?” I asked. He replied: “I don’t know and the doctor can’t explain it either!” At the request of his staff managers, I opened a center in Changhwa. The first class had twenty-seven students and now there are more than one hundred active participants in the center. Mr. Jian-Shao You, the personal secretary of Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, took one month sick leave due to dizzy, stomach bloating, and weakness in both legs. After three weeks he did not get any better, so he came to see me and asked for healing. I gave him remote healing on three successive occasions. After that all his complaints vanished. He returned to work after his leave. A daughter of Mrs. Cai-Feng Cheng, my colleague from fifteen years ago, suffered an upper body fever of 103.5 degree Fahrenheit (39.7 degree Celsius) while her lower body was icy cold. That occurred just after she traveled the Bei-Yi highway. Mrs. Cheng’s husband is a Traditional Chinese doctor so he used both Chinese and Western medicine to try to control the fever. After he treated her for forty-eight hours without success, a friend brought her to me. My diagnosis was that Ms. Cheng was attached by bad spirits. After twenty minutes of healing she fully recovered. The startling success of Mahayana Zengong remote healing has to be seen to be believed. One might say that it is astonishing! It is beyond imagination!

Mahayana Zengong is scientific The teachings of Buddhism have been proven to be scientific. So is our Mahayana Zengong. The following points support this assertion. 1. According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the equivalence between matter and energy can be described by the well known formula E = mc2 (that is, energy = mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light). Through proper training, a human could develop his/her potential to transform mass into energy and emanate it in the form of light energy. The wavelength and frequency of the light can be detected and displayed using a high speed oscilloscope. The Taiwan University Hospital and the Taipei Veteran General Hospital both have such device(s). 2. Kirlian photography can capture the biological aura which is emitted by all living entities. Under certain circumstances and conditions, the light energy emitted from a human body could also be captured using an ordinary camera. I have many photographs showing bright and radiant light emanated from my body during a deep state of meditation. 3. Planck Law, ? = 2hc/mv2, states that wavelength euals to 2 times Plank’s Constant multiplied by the speed of light and divided by mass and square of its speed. In other words, any moving matter will manifest itself in a form of wave motion. The remote healing therapy of Mahayana Zengong should belong to the fields of Human Life Sciences and parapsychology. It can be explained in terms of the theory of Relativity, Wave Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, and Optics, and will be on the cutting edge of science and technology of the 21st Century. All developed countries will invest heavily in the research of Chi energy and its relevance to the human well being. Mainland China has been involved in the scientific research of Chi-Kung for decades now. It is known that Mr. Qian Xue-Shen, the father of Chinese Aerospace Science, is a major promoter of this research effort in China. Fortunately, there were encouraging signs in Taiwan lately. The research in this area has been taken up seriously in several private, public and University Hospitals.

(Translator’s note: This article first appeared in the issue of Buddhist Newsweek, No. 128, April 4, 1992.)

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