by Robert Wu of Los Angeles


            The Los Angeles Da-Neng Buddhist Center of the US Mahayan Zengong Academic Society has maintained a Web site (, which provides information about the teachings of Mahayana Zengong and the lectures and publications of the two Grand Masters.

            Edwin, a practitioner in Malaysia, visited our Web site sometime in March 2000. He learned that Mahayana Zengong claims that its teaching allows one to learn how to do healing on oneself as well as healing others. Therefore, he sent us an e-mail message to request a Remote-Healing service for him and expressed his interest in buying videotapes about the QiGong (Chi-Kung) exercises. He was a little over forty years old and had been practicing spiritual cultivation for more than twenty years. He has experienced joint inflammation all over his body for ten years. He had difficulty in carrying out daily physical activities. It was difficult for him even to squat. Every movement caused him to endure severe pain in all his joints. He also suffered from intermittent chills and fever. His heart showed symptoms of hardening arteries. According to his doctor, he had a serious illness in his blood, which the doctor did not understand.

            To avoid wasting time in translation back and forth between the healer and the patient, I decided to handle this case myself. In April 2000, Grand Master Shan-Fo with his teaching team came to Los Angeles to give us an intensive Dharma Teaching. I asked his advice about this case. Grand Master instructed me to perform Remote Healing for half an hour a day for five consecutive days and then decide what to do next. After setting a synchronized time between Malaysia and LA, Edwin and I began the healing meditation together. In the very first healing session, an image appeared in my mind. The facial expression and complexion of that image was clear and appeared to be quite calm. Subsequently, I began to feel chilly all over my body, especially around the Ming-Men point (i.e., the lower back area). I felt that the left side of my body was colder than my right side. My left hip turned out to be stiff and continuously painful. Then it spread to my right knee and the right side of my neck. After the healing session I immediately wrote him an e-mail to briefly describe what I felt during the performance of Long Distance Remote Healing. He quickly replied and acknowledged that the diagnoses were quite accurate and that he felt warmth and bodily vibration during the healing session. Afterwards, the pains in his swollen joints significantly subsided. So we congratulated and praised each other in the ensuing communications. I congratulated him because of his excellent visualization on Emptiness. I told him that his ailments could be greatly improved if he could strengthen and cultivate his Dan-Tien energy. With the positive results and the developments of strong spiritual brotherhood between us, we continued the healing meditation five days every week. After he received the text of “Unifying Yin-Yang in Samadhi”, “Constantly Turning the Wheel of Dharma”, and two translated books of Grand Master Shan-Fo, he began to appreciate the profoundness of the Mahayana Zengong teachings and praised it.

            As time passed by, not only his physical condition steadily improved, the clarity and awareness of his meditation experiences deepened and were far better than before. The swelling in his joints disappeared completely. The symptoms of intermittent chills and fever did not happen again. He began to feel the Qi (Chi) energy circulating along the Ren (the front meridian) and the Du (the back meridian) channels of the microcosmic orbit. In his inward introspection, each Chakra in the Central Channel displayed its unique color with a degree of radiance and clarity that he had never experienced before. His fellow practitioners, relatives, and friends were shocked at the drastic transformation of his physical and mental outlook.

            I told him that in the LA Center there were at least a dozen of my fellow practitioners who were of higher caliber than I, and there were even more talented practitioners in Taiwan. Furthermore, to compare my achievement to that of the two Grand Masters was like the radiance given out by a firefly to that of the Sun. Evidently he was so impressed that he hoped the people in Malaysia could have the great fortune of receiving the profound Mahayana Zengong teachings. In September 2000, he and his fellow practitioners made a formal invitation requesting both Grand Masters to spread and preach Dharma in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With their unconditional compassion the Grand Masters immediately granted their request. A plan to establish the twentieth Center of Mahayana Zengong in Kuala Lumpur was set to take place in early February 2001. The Dharma connection between LA and Kuala Lumpur through a long distance remote healing was firmly established; thus the profound Mahayana Zengong teaching spread to South Asia.







(Translator’s note: Two Public Meetings were held in the Pearl International Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, on the third and fourth of February, 2001. About 250 students enrolled for the eight-evening intensive classes.)