by Grace Lee of Los Angeles


            Having practiced Mahayana Zengong for many years, I gained many benefits not only improving my physical and mental well-being, but also helping resolve health problems for my relatives and friends. I want to share with you a few healing experiences.

            In June 1999, my mother came back from my second brother’s home. It was not clear why bacteria got into her blood stream. But bacteria multiplied quickly. For defense, the numbers of white blood cells increased correspondingly. As a result the blood stream became viscous and thickened. That caused her two consequent minor heart attacks. (It should be pointed out that my mother had a quadruple bypass surgery at the age of 83.) The functions of her kidney and urology systems failed in succession. Thus the blood was plagued by a urinary tract infection. With other ensuing complications my mother entered into a coma. During this critical period the doctors and specialists declared that my mother was 87 years old, the functions of her internal organs failed, her vitality quickly diminished, and therefore the odds of her recovery were very slim. The family doctor advised me to inform my folks to come and say their last good-byes to my mother. Before my relatives arrived in Los Angeles from all over the world, my mother regained her consciousness due to the continual efforts of brother Fa-Ming and myself. We emitted light energy emanation and performed Buddhist rituals on her as often as we could every day.

            The doctors were amazed about what had happened; yet they could not figure out what was going on and repeatedly apologized to me. They admitted that they should not have given up so early and caused my relatives to come here from all over the world. My mother was discharged from the hospital in three weeks. She could get out of bed on her own and walk around by herself five weeks later. So far, she has remained active and healthy.

            In November 1999, sister Kuo was overjoyed to welcome a new grandson. However, sister Kuo immediately noticed his unusual appearance at birth. After the complete physical check-up, it was confirmed that her grandson had an extra chromosome and his heart had two holes. Upon hearing the news, she went into a state of shock and disbelieved this could have happened because all the prenatal tests were normal! The baby’s father is a medical doctor. The family was fully aware of the problems both the baby and the family faced in the future.

            Under the encouragement of sister Kuo, as soon as the three-week old baby was discharged from the hospital he was brought to the Da-Neng Buddhist Center to receive energy healing. Once a week the baby would come to the Center to receive light energy emanation healing. Three and half months later, he went back to the hospital for a physical examination. The X-rays revealed that one of the holes in his heart had already closed up. When a little more than four months old, the baby took refuge in the Grand Masters and became the youngest student of Mahayana Zengong. The two Grand Masters performed “Medicine Buddha’s Increasing Longevity Empowerment” during the seminar presentation. After receiving the empowerment, we all witnessed that his eyes went through an obvious change for the better. He grew two baby teeth when he was six months old and he could crawl and sit up when he was seven months old. His growth rate was faster than the average baby. His crying was loud and strong. When he was seven months old, he learned swimming. Everyone seemed to forget that the baby still had a hole in his heart. (Note: when the baby reaches three years old, if the remaining hole in his heart does not close up, then heart surgery would be required.)

            Now, the baby is one year old. He is cute and lovely, but is pretty naughty. He is the most beloved one in our Center as everyone here loves to hold him and play with him. Every one likes to have a wet kiss from the baby. The most exciting change is that the characteristic facial features of “Down’s Syndrome” are gradually disappearing as he grows up.

            Sister Lin suffered from cerebral atrophy for six years. Under the strong recommendation from brother Tson-Yang Chen and sister Hui-Fin Yu, she came to the Center and asked for healing. Her condition was so severe that her hands and feet were shaking violently beyond control. She could neither stand up for long or kneel down. She could not walk without assistance. Of course she could not steadily hold anything. She depended entirely on others to conduct her daily activities such as trivial matters like drinking water and having meals. In the beginning she was too weak to practice Chi-Kung. So she received the light energy emanation healing twice a week. Four weeks later, her physical strength had improved enormously, so she decided to join the Conditioned Class to study Mahayana Zengong and Buddha Dharma. During this period of time, I asked her to come to Da-Neng Buddhist Center twice a week to receive healing and practice. Her daily assignments were to recite “Homage to Buddha and Confessional Prayer” ten times and chant the Nine-Syllable-Mantra 1,000 times a day. Brother Tson-Yang Chen went to her house once a week to help her practice, and gave her healing too. After diligently practicing and receiving healing for five months, her condition improved by approximately 40%. This October, when Grand Master Shan-Fo came to the US for a teaching event, sister Lin enrolled in the Beginning Class and received light energy emanation directly from Grand Master. She has been making impressive progress. Now, she can finish the whole routine of the First and Second Level Chi-Kung exercises. She is able to make prostrations and walk under her own power. She eats and drinks by herself and does simple chores at home. She has good control over her left hand at will. We all hope that she will recover fully in the future.

            The marvelous Mahayana Zengong teachings allow us to attain “Unity of Body and Mind” and “Perfection of Essence and Application”. Furthermore, under the guidance of the two Grand Masters we can quickly realize the harmony of our Mind-Body. By devotedly practicing Mahayana Zengong, we can see our Buddha nature face to face. With our meditation power we can help free others from sorrow and sickness. Let us propagate the profound Mahayana Zengong as it is an expedient Dharma Gateway to introduce Buddhist practices to sentient beings. I briefly present three healing cases to illustrate the profound Dharma Gateway of Mahayana Zengong.