by Yun-Zin Chen of Taipei


I was born weak and was prone to sickness. Assistant Master A-Luan Hwang enthusiastically introduced me to the Mahayana Zengong teaching. Thus I joined and started practicing it. I used to suffer from ringng in my ears, allergy, and insomnia. Because of practicing Mahayana Zengong I recovered from those symptoms without depending on medications. In the beginning my husband was strongly against my practicing of Mahayana Zengong, so I tried the practices in his absence. My husband gradually accepted it as my health improved and I became happier.

I diligently recited the Nine-Syllable-Mantra when possible. That calmed me down a great deal. As a result, my family was in perfect harmony. During the years I was out of work, I had plenty of time to practice the Mahayana Zengong teaching. With the blessings of Buddha I found a job and was able to handle my work with ease. My boss was satisfied with my performance and he gave me a 7-day leave of absence after only being employed for a month. The leave of absence allowed me to attend the Seven-Day Zen Retreat. I sincerely dedicated the virtue obtained from this Retreat to my boss and his wife for good health and their company for good business. I am indebted to my two dear Grand Masters and pray for them to constantly turn the Wheel of Dharma.


May Mahayana Zengong be propagated to all corners of the world.

May prosperity be granted to our world.

May all sentient beings live in peace and harmony.