by Chun-Shen Yang of Taipei


            I have practiced Mahayana Zengong and Chi-Kung cultivation for eight years. It has been beneficial to both my body and mind. My health used to be very poor. Now I am strong and energetic. The most precious thing that has happened to me is that I have become a big hearted and open-minded person.

            Through meditation practices, the stress of the heavy workload I used to endure turned out to be more bearable. In the daily morning and evening practices, I always sincerely contemplate and examine whatever I did during the day. If there was something improper or wrong, I confessed them and corrected them immediately.

            In my daily activities I try my best to keep a pure mind and watch my thoughts and actions. Therefore, I am able to effectively pacify my bad habits. I really enjoy treading the Bodhi Path. I finally realize the meaning of “Sorrow is Bodhi” that Grand Masters used to refer to. Seeing the deep meaning of sorrow leads me to a carefree life.