by Min-Shen Liao of Taipei and of Chung-San Science Academy


            I studied Zen under the guidance of Master Miao-Tien prior to 1993. One day my colleague mentioned to me that a Buddha Dharma Assembly would be held at the Sun Yat-Sen Auditorium in Taipei. Out of curiosity we went together. After Grand Master Shan-Fo delivered a special Dharma topic, a group of Mahayana Zengong practitioners gathered in front of the participants. They demonstrated “Imparting Chi Energy”, “Short Distance Healing”, and “Long Distance Remote Healing”. In the end, Grand Master Shan-Fo emitted light energy emanation to empower the whole audience. I had never witnessed Chi-Kung and healing demonstrations through meditation practices. I felt that it was pretty awesome, and appreciated it a lot. Although I practiced Zen under Master Miao-Tien for many years, I did not even know how to impart Chi energy, let alone apply my meditation power to help others. So, I signed up for the Mahayana Zengong class right there, without hesitation.

            The more I practiced the teaching of Mahayana Zengong the more I discovered that it is indeed very profound. My physical and mental health steadily improved. My meditation experiences were beyond expression. My awareness became ever clearer. My eye and heart opened widely. My family life got better; so did my job. Most importantly, the teaching is very attractive to me as it claims to allow us to awaken the mind, achieve enlightenment, and transcend the cycle of rebirth. The mind development, meditation practices and Chi-Kung are really profound and boundless. I intend to spend the rest of my life pursuing the actual cultivation and realization. Hopefully, I can realize the essence of Mahayana Zengong teachings, attain self-realization, be able to help others achieve realization, and heal myself and others both physically and mentally.

I sincerely express my gratitude to the two Grand Masters and masters for their continual compassionate guidance. I have learned many precious lessons and made significant progress in Chi-Kung along the way. In the following I share with you a few of my personal experiences. I hope you will be interested in joining us to learn Mahayana Zengong.

June 1994: In a group meditation practice, brother Hwang complained of pains “beyond endurance” in his left collar bone and shoulders every time he meditated. He told me that he had practiced Chi-Kung under the guidance of other masters. He developed blockage in the energy channel(s) because of his improper postures. I applied the “Great Wish-Fulfilling Palm” to clear his blocked Chi channel. Approximately 4 to 5 minutes later brother Hwang declared that his pains subsided drastically and that he felt relaxed in his whole body. A couple of days later, brother Hwang called that his pains were completely gone. I felt a great sense of accomplishment and had more confidence in Mahayana Zengong. This case demonstrated the effectiveness of the healing technique, the “Great Wish-Fulfilling Palm.”

The middle of April, 1996: A librarian in the Science Academy knew that I was in charge of the Zen Association in the Academy. She asked me to relieve pain on the top of her head (Bai Hui point, crown chakra). I told her to sit erectly on a chair, the tongue touching the upper palate, eyes closed and attention focused on the top of her head. About 4 minutes later she asked: “Can I say something?” I told her to wait for a while. I continued the healing for another 3 minutes. After the healing she reported that a powerful energy came into her head and flushed through her body to the bottom of her feet. She felt very good and her headache had totally disappeared. This event showed me the effective healing applications of the “Vajra Finger.”

The beginning of April, 1997: To test my practice of the “Transcending Time-Space Remote Healing”, I conducted an experiment with one of my fellow practitioners between 11 p.m. and midnight. I emitted the light energy emanation from my home in Taipei to her home in Taoyuan to heal her nasal congestion. She told me in the beginning she saw a glimpse of bright light in front of her, then she felt hot and perspired over her whole body. She also felt quite warm around her nose area. After the healing meditation was over she felt her nose was completely cleared. She could breathe naturally and felt good physically. So I personally confirmed that the “Transcending Time-Space Remote Healing” really works.

These are several of my real life experiences using the Mahayana Zengong healing techniques. Many of my fellow practitioners achieve higher realization and healing power than I do. I share these with you mainly for the purpose of explaining the profoundness of the Mahayana Zengong teachings. Also it serves to encourage beginners to diligently practice so that we can make advances in our spiritual development under the compassionate guidance of the two Grand Masters. Let us keep up with the cultivation and attain the fruit of Buddhahood in this lifetime.