by Ai-Lien Lin of Taipei


Mahayana Zengong provides a practice of actual cultivation and realization. It is a profound Dharma Gateway that permits one to attain mind awakening and enlightenment.

Let me share with you examples of why I believe as such. I have practiced Mahayana Zengong for about five years. One day my uncle suffered from a stroke and was hospitalized. I visited him and told him to be patient that everything would be all right. I asked him if he would like to try my Chi energy healing. He nodded his head to give his consent. I was surprised that, three days later, his son came running and told me: “Auntie, my father looked pretty strange. He could not sleep well. He murmured that there was a boy sitting on the window that wanted to take him away. Then he got out of the bed, wanting to go home. My elder brother and I could not hold him down. Will you come and see what you can do, Auntie ?”

At that instant, I was shocked and asked myself what could I do to help? I decided to apply a powerful, effective method that I learned from Mahayana Zengong. I meditated on the Great Compassionate Water and prepared a bottle of it. I brought a large thangka of Da Zi Zai Wang Fo and the Great Compassionate Water to the hospital. Indeed my uncle looked weird and confused like a crazy person.

First, I put the thangka right above his bed. I meditated on Guru Yoga and Blessing of Buddha Light. Then I sprinkled the Great Compassionate Water to cleanse the premises around his bed and room to get rid of the external spirits. I also performed “Exorcising Evil Spirits”, “Relieving Mental Shock”, and light emanation on my uncle. I left the bottle of the Great Compassionate Water there for him to drink, and then I went home. On the way home I devotedly prayed to Da Zi Zai Wang Fo to bless my uncle with compassion so that he could quickly recover from the illness. By chance Grand Master conducted “Deliverance of Deceased Beings Assembly” in our Da-Cheuh Buddhist Hall. I requested deliverance for the karmic debtors of my uncle. Surprisingly one day later my sister-in-law told me that my uncle had calmed down and appeared to be in good spirits. The relatives of my sister-in-law were very appreciative and asked me: “Where did you find such an excellent doctor?” What can I say!

This experience is really an affirmation to me that Mahayana Zengong is indeed a profound Dharma Gateway which provides actual cultivation and realization. This experience also boosts my confidence in the teaching. Welcome everyone to visit our Center and join us in the practice. Thank you very much.