by Bou-Der Lee of Taipei


            It all depends on real tests and personal experiences to determine whether a teaching is excellent or not.

            My wife was a member of a choral group. Because of that, several Japanese friends joined us for our vacation at the Chu Ben Hot Spring Resort in Taitung near the end of summer, 1997. One of the members, Mrs. Sun Yung Mann Li, who was the wife of the manager of a famous department store in Taipei, Taiwan, learned that I had practiced Mahayana Zengong for some time. She anxiously explained to me how she experienced the “walk-in” of disembodied spirits for six years. This annoyed her without end, and she could not share intimacy with her husband.

            After I listened to her in great detail, I exorcised the evil spirits, utilizing the Great Wish-Fulfilling Palm. Afterwards, she recounted what happened. She said: “I felt a strong golden light flashing toward and through me. After struggling, a shadow departed from my body”. Three months later, they invited my wife and me for a gourmet dinner at their home. We were told that the evil spirit(s) had not bothered her any more. She sincerely expressed her gratitude to me. They were so happy they joined the Mahayana Zengong practice. Unfortunately, they had to go back to Japan after attending the Intermediate Class.

            Please believe me. Once you learn the precious Mahayana Zengong, you can handle and heal weird symptoms such as this.